Increasing disk size of a VMWare image

Very useful tip from Novel CoolSolutions on how to increase the disk size of a VMWare image:

I currently develop mostly in Windows using Eclipse, so I decided to create an openSuse 11.0 vmware image to test some of my code, as our product supports various platforms, including some flavors of Linux. The 10GB disk size soon became too small and now I need to increase it. Here are the steps I had to do:

To resize the guest Os hard disk size, I issued:

    vmware-vdiskmanager -x 15GB opensSuse.vmdk

However, step 1 only resized the disk, not the partitions. Starting the partition manager from within the guest Os didn’t work, because the partition can’t be altered while it is still mounted. A simple solution to overcome this issue is to use a Live CD. I still had the openSuse live CD ISO image I used to install the guest Os, so I just pointed the guest OS cd-rom drive to that .iso file.

After booting from the CD-ROM drive, go to Yast -> System -> Partitioner , select the partition you want to expand and click Resize. Select the new size for the partition and click Ok to apply the changes to the partition table.

Reboot your machine and voila! You existing partition will now have the new size.


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