Vitor Rodrigues


Vitor RodriguesI’m a Software Engineer, graduated from Licenciatura em Engenharia de Sistemas e Informatica (Computer Science and Systems Engineering) at University of Minho, in 2005.

I’m currently working at the IBM Silicon Valley Lab in San Jose, California, creating database tooling for enterprise users.

I joined IBM in 2005 and have worked on the DB2 Everyplace and DB2 pureXMLâ„¢ technical enablement teams,first at the IBM Silicon Valley Lab and later at the IBM Toronto Lab, before I returned to the SVL lab in sunny California to work on database tooling for enterprise users.

Besides the usual geeky stuff, I enjoy the outdoors and do a bit of everything, from sports (soccer, tennis, biking, running, volleyball) to hiking and walking in the park or the city. I also think that road-trips are the best thing ever since slice bread, so I spend quite a few weekends per year on the road, documenting it with some pictures.


You can reach me at:

email: vitor.rodrigues<at>yahoo.com

email: vitorodi<at>gmail.com

MSN: vitor_rod<at>hotmail.com

GTalk, Skype: vacrodrigues

Disclaimer: this is my personal blog. All the posts in this blog are my own personal opinion and do not necessarily reflect my employeer’s opinion, positions or strategies.

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