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AT&T Global Network Client on Ubuntu Intrepid

AT&T Global Network Client is a VPN client used worldwide by several corporations to provide remote access to their intranet.

AT&T kindly provides a linux package, but in .rpm format (which as fine for me until now, as I was an openSuse user) and not in .deb format for Debian based distros like Ubuntu. You can get the latest .rpm package from here.

I tried converting the package using alien, but the installer didn’t work correctly. After some googling, I found the article “AT&T NetClient Debianizer” from Andre Macedo. Andre provides a utility,, that will calculate dependencies needed and correctly create a .deb package that can be installed in your Ubuntu system. Here are all the steps I used to install AT&T Global Network Client:

# wget
# wget
# chmod a+x
# ./ agnclient-1.0-
# sudo dpkg -i agnclient-1.0-

After the installation is complete, we need to start the client’s daemons:

# /etc/init.d/agnclientd start
# /etc/init.d/agnLogd start

And start the client by issuing:

# /opt/agns/bin/agnclient

I occasionally received the following error message when trying to check the status of the daemon:

# /etc/init.d/agnclientd status
/etc/init.d/agnclientd: line 54: [: 13336: binary operator expected
agnLogd is not running.

The error message was caused by having multiple agnclientd processes running. Just stop all of them and start the daemon again:

# sudo killall agnclientd
# sudo /etc/init.d/agnclientd start

Hope this helps!

Hi5 em “portugês”

Eu até aceiteva, mas tenho cá um feeling de que eles estão apenas interessados no meu donativo e não na minha amizade ;-).


PS: será que as comissões de festas se estão a render às novas tecnologias e vão passar a aceitar donativos via Paypal? 😉

Yahoo Ads vs Google Adsense

I have been running Yahoo Ads and Google Adense on my blog pages for over several months now. Although I am yet to make a few cents on advertising, the reason why I keep the ads running is that I do plan to write a detailed comparison of both tools sometime in the future. Google beats all of its competitors in context search and advertising, but in my opinion Yahoo is so behind only by self responsibility. From several constructive comments I’ve made on their YPN Blog, the answers, if any, were vague and the problems persisted, with completely out of context ads.

But today I found something really fun while browsing trough one of my articles, “The World is Flat“:


Food for thought:

  • being Friedman’s book such an actual and popular topic, how can Yahoo not find any more relevant ads to publish in this page?
  • Google paying for ads in the Yahoo network? This one makes even less sense :-)  

Big brother or user customization?

In a time when more and more person talk about Google Big Brother posture, new examples of their constant supervision of our actions pop up frequently. There are several webpages I prefer to search on google each time instead of bookmarking them. It may look counter-productive, but it is actually quicker, since those sites are the first search result. One of them is the Google analytics website. Today, however, my search had something new on it:


We all knew that Google saves all the information about our searches, but for some reason, the fact that they even displayed it to me, frightened me a bit, not because of my searches, but because of all the other information that we, sooner or later, exchange in an email, like banking, confidential, login credentials, etc…

I must say that I’m facilitating this task to Goole, as I use Firefox’s GMail notifier plugin, that keeps me logged in all time, giving Google everything it needs to trace all my steps… One must decide whether to surrender to the inevitable or to delay it with counter measures…

Discovering Portugal

Originally uploaded by Vitor Rodrigues.

This year’s vacations were spent discovering Portugal’s typical villages (Idanha-a-Velha, Sortelha, Castelo-Novo, Almeida, Monsanto, Belmonte, Castelo-Mendo) and also visiting some Unesco World Heritage sites in Spain (Caceres, Merida and Sevilha).

We visited about 60% of the Portuguese villages classified as :”Typical Portuguese Village” and, in addition to last year’s vacations, completed the visit to all but Tarragona in Spain’s mailand Unesco Heritage Cities.

More photos to come on my flickr set: Vacations 2007


Recent readings

Smoggy TO

Originally uploaded by FireinCairo.
Snow covered in winter, smog covered in summer. This is Toronto.

If you are an outdoor person, Toronto is not the city for you. In winter, people are advised to stay at home due to extreme cold. In Summer, people are advised to stay at home due to extreme heat, smog and high UV radiation (levels 10+ sometimes).

Still, most of people still thinks that the few weeks of Spring and Fall are of such extreme beauty that are worth the cold and heat during the rest of the year.


Increase your speaker’s volume, go to and click on the exclamation sign in the logo :-)

25 best financial blogs

If you are interested in the stock market and/or investing, you will find this article interesting:

It’s a list of the best 25 financial blogs on the internet, according to the website 24/7 Wall St. I’m a regular reader of a couple of the listed blogs(1,2), and have discovered some  new interesting reads on this list related with long term investing. 

No Laughing Matter

Originally uploaded by Telzey.
And they did it again! Flickr is now censoring pictures to the users, depending on the user’s yahoo ID country. More info here.